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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Dec 22, 2010

(December 21, 2010) Reclaiming the Rainbow is stirring up a hornet's nest, most recently in the form of an entry on Anderson Cooper's "Ridiculist."

Dec 21, 2010

(December 9, 2010) Dr J is the speaker for the first of Familia USA's "Marriage Building Series" of webinars.  Here she's giving a talk on "77 Non-Religious Reasons for One Man/One Woman Marriage," and she answers attendees' questions afterward.

Dec 16, 2010

(October 20, 2010) The answer to the AIDS epidemic: more education?  That's according to Elton John, at least.  Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss the situation and the reasons why obvious alternatives--like reducing the number of sex partners or even (gasp!) abstinence aren't being promoted.  What's the real...

Dec 15, 2010

(December 7, 2010) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc, where she and Todd Wilken discuss the start of the Prop 8 appeals trial (technically the 3-judge panel--Reinhardt, Smith, and Hawkins--is evaluating whether there is grounds for an appeal) and what we can expect.

Dec 14, 2010

(December 6, 2010) Dr J is reporting from the federal Prop 8 trial (the appeal is being heard at the San Francisco courthouse).  Here's her interview with Jordan Lorence, senior counsel & senior VP of the Alliance Defense Fund's Office of Strategic Initiatives in Washington, DC.