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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Feb 6, 2024

Fr. Rob Jack speaks with Ruth Institute friend, Andrew Rodriguez, a licensed counselor, who explains how reintegrative therapy works to heal people from trauma.


Andrew Rodriguez is an LPC in PA, the owner and director of Integrity Christian Counseling, and the creator of the YouTube channel, PsychoBible, which he uses to discuss psychology, theology, and sexuality through a Christian counseling lens. He is certified in Reintegrative Therapy, an approach for trauma and addictions found safe and helpful in exploring sexual attraction fluidity. Andrew’s mission is to educate the public on the truth about sexuality and therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, advocate for client rights, and equip the church to effectively help sexuality strugglers. He is on the board of Voice of the Voiceless, which amplifies the voices of ex-LGBT. He is a Living Waters coordinator with Desert Stream Ministries. He works with ReStory Ministries to equip churches and Christian counselors. He is an approved therapist with The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, Restored Hope Network, and Transformation Ministries Alliance. As a nondenominational Christian, Andrew also seeks to spread John Paul II’s Theology of the Body among Protestant believers. Andrew has been married to his precious wife Jessica since 2007.


Voice of The Voiceless:


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International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice:


Desert Stream Ministries:


ReStory Ministries:


Restored Hope Network:


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