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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Oct 12, 2023

Here are the links to the bills:,, and Contact Your Legislators: Family Policy Alliance: Brandon Showalter at the Summit for Survivors: Deadname Movie: Dr. Quentin Van Meter on Transgenderism Part 1: Dr. Quentin Van Meter on Transgenderism Part 2: Jane Robbins at the Summit for Survivors: Jane Robbins on the Dr. J Show: Dr. Laura Haynes at the Summit for Survivors: Psychology Journal Issues Major Correction: Dysconnected the Movie: Meridian Baldacci serves as Director of Strategy & Spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance. In that role, Meridian spends her time crafting compelling messages to change hearts, minds, and public policy. Prior to joining Family Policy Alliance, Meridian researched and wrote on health care policy for The Heritage Foundation, where she worked on a variety of policy issues ranging from “Medicare for All” to the individual market. She is a seasoned analyst, with appearances on national television outlets including Fox Business, and radio shows across the country. She has been quoted by a variety of national news outlets, and her writing has appeared in The Daily Signal and The Christian Post. Brandon Showalter is a journalist and podcaster with The Christian Post in Washington, DC who has reported extensively on the developments of the "gender identity" movement and transgender ideology. Earlier this year he released an e-book he co-authored with Dr. Jeff Myers called "Exposing the Gender Lie: How to Protect Children and Teens from the Transgender Industry's False Ideology." He is also a contributor in a number of documentaries, including the indie film "Dead Name" by Broken Hearted Films and "Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion" by Tucker Carlson Originals on FOX Nation. Kathleen Benfield works as a Legislative Director at Louisiana Family Forum, which is a Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations company with an estimated 7 employees; and founded in 1998., their management level is Director. Kathleen is currently based in Baton Rouge, United States. Join us on censorship free locals: Sign up for our weekly newsletter here: