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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Sep 10, 2021

In this, our second Dr. J Show with Dr. Oas, she discusses the manipulation of words by organizations intent on increasing abortion, artificial contraception, and other forms of so-called "Family Planning." It is vitally important that we know what is meant by such misnomers as "reproductive health" and a myriad of other misused phrases. Dr. Oas also explains how scientific research can be manipulated for desired outcomes by organizations seeking to show an "unmet need" for abortion. She notes that the United Nations’ "non-binding" resolutions against marriage, families, and children, and in favor of promiscuous sexual "freedom," are in fact binding on the U.N. many international organizations, such as UNICEF and the U.N. Population Fund, and thus have a major impact worldwide, particularly in the Third World.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here, with readings & resources.