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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Nov 24, 2023

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Mike Davidson is the Chairman of the International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice and CEO of Core Issues Trust, a charity based in the UK. He co-directs X-Out-Loud and promotes therapeutic and counseling choice for clients seeking help for unwanted sexual feelings, attractions and behaviors.

International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice:


Core Issues Trust:

IFTCC’s Declaration;

More information about IFTCC:

Piers Morgan Challenges Doctor's Claims That Homosexuality is an 'Aberration’:

Dr. Mike’s article, “Freedom of speech to articulate alternative, non-affirming responses to homosexuality is an important right to be protected”:

Hudson Byblow on The Dr J Show:

Susan Constantine discusses Sam Brinton’s lying:

Dr Laura Haynes on The Dr J Show:

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