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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Jan 26, 2024

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Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Amy went to Oberlin College Conservatory of Music as a violinist, later graduating from Tufts University with a B.A. summa cum laude in history. She also earned an M.A.T. in Social Studies from Brown University, and a Violin Making Diploma from the North Bennet Street School in Boston. She has worked as a department administrator and staff assistant at Harvard University, as a high school teacher, and as a violin maker. Since 2004, she has worked with the pro-family activist hub, MassResistance, and is currently Director of Research for the pro-family organization.


In the early 1990s, Amy joined a concerned taxpayer organization and a group of parents opposed to radical sex education in the schools there. The same-sex marriage issue shocked her back into activism after years focused on raising her two children. In 2004, she joined Brian Camenker’s efforts to remove the rogue judges in Massachusetts, and to strengthen parents’ rights protections in the state. She began the MassResistance blog in 2005, its name acknowledging that leftists were in control of media, educational institutions, and all levels of government. The constitutional crisis in Massachusetts made crystal clear the betrayal by establishment Republicans who undermined conservatives from within the political party that should represent them. And that brought Amy to a close examination of Mitt Romney, the quintessential “establishment fixer,” and his role in the gay marriage saga.


Amy is the author of Corrupt Bargains: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's Deception, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals, and, Passing the Trash: Covering Up Educators’ Sex Crimes — and How a Superintendent Was Caught after Decades of Lies. Her columns have appeared in American Thinker, Salvo, Renew America, and MassResistance.

Amy lived in Massachusetts for four decades. She managed to escape to a better place in 2014.


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