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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Sep 30, 2023

School and kids are back in session, Unfortunately the Sexual Revolutionaries who have no problem sexualizing children are also back at it as well. In fact, they never took a break. We help you stand up to the radicals with the science and clear thinking to protect your kids. Give today to help us #resistpride and #protectchildren: Alvin Lui is President of Courage Is A Habit. He moved his family from California to the mid-west only to find the same ideologies that ruined his old home are now spreading across the country. Courage Is A Habit is an organization that creates tools for parents and legislators so they are empowered to take action to protect the innocence of children in K-12. Tiffany Justice is a wife and mom of four school-aged children. In 2016 she stepped up to serve for 4 years on the School District of Indian River County, FL School Board. She believes that kids in public school deserve innovation and parents have the right to know the union interference and government bureaucracy that is keeping that innovation from happening in their children's district. Tracy Shannon is mother of 4 blessings and a grandmother. She has studied what she calls the “neo-morality movement” for 20 years. Tracy’s family was profoundly impacted by the transgender movement many years ago when her husband "transitioned." Recently, Tracy has taken on Drag Queen Story Hours, exposing how libraries disregard their own policies allowing sex offenders to be held out as role models to toddlers and children in taxpayer funded public libraries. Tracy is the Texas Director for MassResistance, and contributed to programs across the nation that help parents push back against this programming. Atty. Mary McAlister is Senior Litigation Counsel with Child & Parental Rights Campaign, having advocated for parental rights and First Amendment rights at all levels of federal and state courts. She has been an advocate for children’s rights, particularly protection from the harms of early sexualization and sexual exploitation. Mary received her law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to law school, Mary worked as a journalist in California. She has also worked overseeing complex environmental contamination litigation. Mary is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and in every federal Circuit Court of Appeals throughout the country. She has authored and co-authored numerous academic articles and white papers on the subject of gender identity, girls’ body image, sexually explicit materials in public schools, child protection, and the family and civil society. She and her husband have two children. Courage Is A Habit: Child and Parental Rights Campaign: Moms For Liberty website: Tracy Shannon's "MadMommaBear" blog: Tiffany Justice's "Joyful Warrior" Podcast: Behind Closed Doors Part I Stranger Danger SEL Data Mining Opt Out Safety & Inclusion Express (Transgender Train): K-12 Brainwashing Method Protect Child Health Coalition: Family Watch Intl Resources on Gender Ideology: Transgender Trend Resources for Parents: Texas Mass Resistance on YouTube: Texas Mass Resistance on Facebook: Alvin Lui previously on The Dr J Show: Tiffany Justice previously on The Dr J Show: Tracy Shannon previously on The Dr J Show: Sign up for our weekly newsletter here: +