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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

President Biden’s Equality Act: The Cost is Childhood

Originally published March 3, 2022, by Issues, Etc.

Republished April 26th, 2022 by Ruth Institute.


In today’s episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, we tune in to Issues, etc.

Dr. Erin Brewer, cofounder of Advocates Protecting Children and author of the books, Always Erin and Trans-ing Our Children speaks of President Biden’s Equality Act which will force LGBT issues on children.

Dr. Brewer is a close friend of the Ruth Institute and has been featured on Ruth Institute’s Dr. J Show multiple times and was invited to speak at last year’s Summit for Survivors in Lake Charles.

Dr. J Show no. 1

Dr. J Show no. 2

Dr. Brewer explains that Biden’s push for accepting people, so called, “born in the wrong body” seems almost as if a religion to him.

She gets into some of the gory details of what these gender-confused youths experience by taking cross-sex hormones, mutilating their bodies, and never being happy with their self-image. Because of their age, they retard their natural development and don’t reach the fullness of growth which manifests in adulthood.

Dr. Brewer explains that President Biden’s Equality Act will make Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE), illegal, fund transition interventions, and require doctors to participate in them, which necessarily will be a curb on the religious freedom of healthcare professionals. It will allow men to infiltrate women sports and not only dominate them in the arena but also in the bathrooms. There is a big danger here.

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