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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Jan 19, 2010

(January 12, 2010) Proposition 8, the referendum passed in November 2008 that defines marriage between one man and one woman, has survived numerous state-level challenges in the court system.  Ted Olsen and David Boies are leading a controversial federal-level challenge.  Dr J explains some of their tactics and takes them to task on their distortion of Prop 8 supporters' position.

thirteen and a half years ago

For once I\'m a little disappointed. Not with the overarching content of the podcast, but with one misapplication that happened in passing. There is no such thing as a \"Mormon sect\" that currently practices, or currently argues for legal rights to practice, polygamy. The news media commonly mistake the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the FLDS Church) to be a sect of the LDS, or Mormon, church. The FLDS are a breakoff church, completely unaffiliated with the LDS church. And, any member of the LDS church that practices polygamy, or that sympathizes with groups currently practicing polygamy illegally, is excommunicated.

For a better understanding of polygamy and the Mormons, I would direct everyone to this statement by the LDS Church at their newsroom:

Jennifer Roback Morse
thirteen and a half years ago

I don\'t remember talking about Mormon polygamy. refresh my memory...