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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

DJ Hueneman is the Director of Training and Formation at Ruah Woods Press. DJ has been blessed to introduce thousands of educators to the work of Theology Of The Body through on-site formation.

Ruah Woods is a non-profit ministry that helps men and women live their vocation to love, according to God’s plan, as informed by the Theology of the Body. The Ruah Woods mission field consists of both teaching and healing, facilitated by four clinical psychologists on staff. Their mission is to develop and provide services that integrate the best of psychological science and the truths of the Catholic faith, empowering men and women to more fully embrace and live out their vocation to love according to God’s plan. Ruah Woods Press is the teaching arm of Ruah Woods, providing Theology of the Body catechesis through live formation sessions and printed materials. They're responsible for creating the world’s first supplemental Theology of the Body curriculum for K-2 students.

This is an audio podcast of The Dr J Show. Full video episode is available here, with readings and resources.