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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Jan 24, 2020

Father Sullins has released a brand new study about the affect of abortion on wanted pregnancies. This type of abortion almost never gets spoken about, and many will tell you it doesn't exist. Are wanted children aborted? Why? What happens to the would-be mothers? Learn it all here.

Fr Paul Sullins, Ph.D., is senior research associate at the Ruth Institute, and his list of writings stretches past all of our arms. He's our guest this week to offer insights from his brand new research.

Read the article here: Aborting the Wanted Child

Sullins analysis / longitudinal study: Affective and Substance Abuse Disorders Following Abortion by Pregnancy Intention in the United States: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

Turnaway Study and accompanying Salon article

Action item: go to the Ruth Institute Facebook Page and share the images about this important research.