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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Originally aired August 17, 2021

Republished (with permission) February 24, 2022

In today’s episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, we tune in to Dr. Morse’s interview with Ladies of Another View on BEK Tv.

Dr. Morse makes a keen observation in today’s episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast.

She observes that New York law makers and city officials consider going house to house to forcibly coerce COVID vaccinations. Yet, California decriminalizes knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS in sexual encounters.

You can’t take a risk of contracting or spreading COVID by remaining unvaccinated. However, you can be lied to by a sexual partner, contract an incurable disease, and denied justice in prosecuting the perpetrator.

Why? Because no health risks are allowed…. unless they are risks to your sexual health.

America is quickly becoming no longer a government of the constitution but a government of agencies. Congress passes off law-making power to agencies, which are non-elected and unaccountable, while congress sits back and does nothing.

Also, Dr. Morse describes her book, The Sexual State, and offers some advice on staying sane in this crazy world.