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The Ruth Institute Podcast

May 7, 2024

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Being transgender is almost the preferred mode of existence: from President Biden proclaiming transgender day of visibility on Easter, to June being pride month, especially for transitioning. But in the wake of the WPATH files, and the Cass report from the UK the tide seems to be turning against the insanity that is transgenderism. A powerful component to helping it turn is hearing and understanding the stories of the people who transitioned and then regretted their decision and have since detransitioned. Mary Margaret Olohan, senior reporter at the Daily Signal, has just published a new book that discusses the stories of the detransitioners. Their stories are powerful, heartbreaking, and tragic.  Hear another detransitioner story here:


Mary Margaret Olohan is a Senior Reporter at The Daily Signal where she covers the cultural and political stories of the moment through both video and print journalism. She previously wrote for The Daily Wire and got her start at The Daily Caller News Foundation, where she participated in the American Journalism Institute fellowship.Her work focuses on the protection of children’s innocence, the struggles of biological women to maintain the integrity of their sports and spaces, the battle over abortion and the protection of the unborn, and the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on children, service members, businesses, and the livelihoods of every-day Americans. She is a graduate of The Catholic University of America, and most proud to be the oldest daughter in an Irish Catholic family of eleven children. Purchase her new book here:  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram: And find her latest pieces at the Daily Signal:

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