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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Mar 2, 2022

Originally aired February 17, 2022

Published March 2, 2022

Taken from “Driving Home the Faith” with Fr. Rob Jack on Sacred Heart Radio

In this episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, we listen to Dr. Morse discussing with Fr. Rob Jack the recent appointment of Sam Brinton to the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Amongst various aspects, Dr. Morse describes that some members of the federal government use appointments to flex the sexual revolution’s muscles. Passing away are the days when the best person is chosen on account of merit.

Also, Dr. Morse speaks of her interview with Susan Constantine, forensic body-language expert, who appeared on the Dr. J Show and spoke at the Summit for Survivors 2021. She teaches about duping delight and how Sam Brinton’s story of torture in conversion therapy is almost certainly false. This same false story is being used to ban sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) across the nation.

Additionally, Morse mentions Fr. Paul Sullins research which examines statistics from the Williams Institute which demonstrates that SOCE are not harmful to individuals who receive this form of treatment.

Listen to hear the full story.