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Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage
E-Marriage = Gay Marriage?

(December 15, 2009) If your state doesn't have laws that let you do what you'd like to do, how much can you "shop around" for one with different rules?  Dr J responds to the proposal (stated here by MSU legal researcher Adam Candeub) that we allow homosexual marriages to be performed over the internet.  It may alleviate the state-to-state legal battles appearing all over the United States...or it may be a foot-in-the-door policy like so many others.  How would we ensure that both parties are consenting?  Dr J addresses these concerns and much more on this episode of Issues, Etc.

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Marriage in a Wider Context (December 17, 2009) This morning, Dr J appeared on Dennis O'Donovan's Florida-based radio show, "Religion, Politics, and Culture."  She discussed a wide range of topics--including equality, the so-called "sandwich generation," socialism, the Catholic Church, and European society--and how they relate to that particular social institution called "marriage."  Movements away from marriage make us all more vulnerable and allow expansion of the power of the state.  This podcast is roughly an hour long.
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On Sexting (December 4, 2009) "Sexting"--the practice of sending pornographic self-portraits via cell-phone--has become a widespread part of the dating experience among young people.  Dr J unpacks how a casual attitude toward the human body--and sexting is just one of its manifestations--sends shocks through the sexual and emotional parts of your being.
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Debunking No-Fault Divorce

(November 24, 2009) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc. to discuss no-fault divorce and its 40-year legacy in Canada and the United States.  The discussion was sparked by Dr. Anne-Marie Ambert's report on the subject, "Divorce: Facts, Causes, and Consequences."

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Marriage: Love & Life in the Divine Plan (November 18, 2009) The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issues a pastoral letter on the source of marriage and its value to non-religious society.  View the entire letter here in PDF format.
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Homosexuality v. Poverty (November 17, 2009) DC Catholic Charities has been issued an ultimatum by the City Council: change your views on homosexuality, or we won't allow you to participate in city contracts that aid the poor.  The council is trying to paint the situation as inflexibility on the part of the charities.  Dr J elucidates...
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When Feminists Attack: The Sarah Palin Chronicles

(November 17, 2009) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc. to discuss this morning's Barbara Walters/Sarah Palin interview and the ongoing reaction to Sarah Palin herself.  She's a very polarizing figure, even though she seems to fit the definition of a modern woman in many ways: mom of a large family, high-profile job with possibilities of promotion.  Yet feminists loathe her and conservatives applaud her.  Dr J elucidates the feminists' position and the reasons for their reaction to this pro-family politico.

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Lines in the Sand

(November 11, 2009) The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops has been pushing for universal healthcare in America since the 1950's.  However, the current crop of legislation includes taxpayer funding for abortion.  Dr J unpacks their stance on the bill in this segment of Issues, Etc.

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Maine's Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

(November 3, 2009) Today Maine's citizens vote on whether to allow same-sex marriages to be performed in their state.  They will either become the first state where voters have supported gay marriage...or the 31st state whose voters have upheld traditional marriage.  Dr J has some thoughts on this historic vote.

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Gay Marriage: An Economic Analysis

(October 27, 2009) The New York Times titled "The Lifetime Cost of Being Gay" makes some larger (unintended) points about marriage in general.  Dr J illuminates them in this Issues, Etc segment.

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On Civil Unions

(October 13, 2009) Support for same-sex civil unions is on the rise among Americans, according to Greg Smith of the Pew Forum, though many Americans still oppose them.  What does this mean?  Dr J and Todd Wilken discuss some of the different ways to interpret the data on Issues, Etc.

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Dr J on the issues of Same Sex Marriage

(October 2-3, 2009) This is a 15 minute talk that Dr J presented to the CNP Action, Inc., meetings in Austin, TX this past week.  CNP Action is a sister organization to the Council for National Policy and is chaired by Phyllis Schlafly.  The talk discusses similarities of the Same Sex Marriage movement not only to Feminism, but also to Marxism.

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Dr J interviews movie star Eduardo!

(October 2, 2009) Just when we think that the Hollywood film community has completely turned its back on basic Christian values, a man like Eduardo Verástegui emerges and brings with him the movie "Bella," a powerful message of truth and charity.

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Carrying Another Woman's Baby

(September 29, 2009) What happens when artificial reproduction procedures go horribly wrong?

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Some are more Equal than others...

(September 15, 2009) Kai Feldblum is President Obama's pick to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Her views are making waves in the religious community because she has no tolerance for any objections to same-sex marriage, even in a religious and private context.  Dr J and Todd Wilken meet to discuss the arising conflicts in this arena, and how churches are poised to lose out.

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The Definition of Parenthood (September 8, 2009) What makes a parent...well, a parent?  Historically, the couple who conceived and gave birth to you were recognized as your father and your mother.  However, the present-day definition is much more elastic.  Adults who have no biological or adoptive relation are being granted parental rights over children--sometimes as the biological parents are being excluded.  Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc. to discuss this troubling trend.
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#4: Same-Sex Marriage in Vermont

(September 1, 2009) Vermont becomes the 4th state to legalize homosexual marriage.  Dr J and Todd Wilken discuss how it happened, the next target(s) of the homosexual lobby, and why it's so important for supporters of traditional marriage to respond.

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Informed Consent, et. al. (August 25, 2009) Ignorance = Informed Consent?  Dr J sheds some light on this troubling trend, the groups behind it, and how mothers and children are losing out.
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Defense of Marriage Act

(August 19, 2009) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss the Obama Justice Department's impending defense of DoMA.  She also shines some light on the strategies of the homosexual movement as they attempt to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Marriage & Sex (June 12, 2009) Dr. J guest-lectures on the economic and societal impact of marriage and sex.  This talk, delivered at the Blackstone Legal Fellowship in Phoenix, is a little over an hour long.  Its companion talk was podcast on June 23, 2009.
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The Secularization of Christian Higher Education (May 20, 2009) Dr J is once again a guest on Issues, Etc, where she discusses President Obama's commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame.
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The Economic Way of Thinking (June 17, 2009) Dr J lectures at Acton University--a project of the Acton Institute--on the market and human behavior.
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Double Standards in the Fight for Marriage

(June 2, 2009) Dr J and Teresa Tomeo discuss the aftermath of the California Supreme Court's Prop 8 ruling and the direction of the fight for traditional marriage.  Catholic Connection's website is available here.

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Beyond Contracts: Marriage and Economics (June 13, 2009) Dr J and Al Kresta meet during Acton University to discuss a wide variety of topics pertaining to the defense of traditional marriage.  Their conversation ranges over family law, feminism, the homosexual agenda, and the culture of mounting hostility to traditional marriage on college campuses.
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Whatever Happened to Marriage?

(July 22, 2009) Dr J appears on the radio program Catholic Answers Live, where she and Patrick discuss the homosexual marriage movement's aims and field related questions.

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