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Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage
Dr J on Dateline Washingtion, Radio America

An interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America and Dr J discussing recent political wranglings concerning Same Sex Marriage in Vermont, as well as the redoubling of attacks on the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Sexual Innuendo More Prevalent Amongst Teens? Todd Wilken of Issues, Etc., interviews Dr J on the prevalence of sex amongst teenagers today
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NPR's Poke at the Pope - HIV in Africa

Another great interview with Todd Wilken and Dr J from his show, Issues Etc. they discuss the Pope's comments about condoms during his recent trip to Africa

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Sebelius, Teen Pregnancy and Designer Babies Another great interview with Todd Wilken of Issues Etc, and our founder, Dr J. They discuss the Obama Administration’s selection of the new Health and Human Services Director, Kathleen Sibelius. Dr Morse shares her thoughts on the the rise in teen pregnancy as well as the latest trend from techno-medicine: what some are calling designer babies.
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"Ban" on Gay Marriage in California

Dr J and moderator Todd Wilken discuss the recent declaration by Hollywood's Sean Penn at the Oscar Ceremony regarding the outcome of Prop 8. If we voted yes, should we be ashamed? Listen and tell us what you think...

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