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Ruth Institute Podcast
Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage

(January 27, 2016) Dr J is once again Sheila Liaugminas's guest on A Closer Look. They're discussing culture, faith, family, and rebuilding society by keeping the family together and strengthening the institution of marriage. Check out Austin's article, too: "11 Reasons the Sexual Revolution has been a Complete, Utter, and Deadly Failure."

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(January 22, 2016) Dr J is once again Patrick Coffin's guest on Catholic Answers Live. Their topic: keeping the family together through the preservation of marriage.

For more information on "Restoring Marriage Today," the upcoming Catholic Answers Conference in March in San Diego, please check out their website. Hope to see you there!

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(January 14, 2016) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. They're discussing the Catholic church's worldwide Synod on the Family and the educational conference immediately beforehand in which Dr J participated.

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(January 6, 2016) Dr J is once again Molly Smith's guest on From the Median to discuss how the sexual revolution has not provided a solution to our problems--the whole package has been damaging, and we can't ignore some fruits of it while condemning others.

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