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E-Marriage = Gay Marriage?

(December 15, 2009) If your state doesn't have laws that let you do what you'd like to do, how much can you "shop around" for one with different rules?  Dr J responds to the proposal (stated here by MSU legal researcher Adam Candeub) that we allow homosexual marriages to be performed over the internet.  It may alleviate the state-to-state legal battles appearing all over the United States...or it may be a foot-in-the-door policy like so many others.  How would we ensure that both parties are consenting?  Dr J addresses these concerns and much more on this episode of Issues, Etc.

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Marriage in a Wider Context (December 17, 2009) This morning, Dr J appeared on Dennis O'Donovan's Florida-based radio show, "Religion, Politics, and Culture."  She discussed a wide range of topics--including equality, the so-called "sandwich generation," socialism, the Catholic Church, and European society--and how they relate to that particular social institution called "marriage."  Movements away from marriage make us all more vulnerable and allow expansion of the power of the state.  This podcast is roughly an hour long.
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On Sexting (December 4, 2009) "Sexting"--the practice of sending pornographic self-portraits via cell-phone--has become a widespread part of the dating experience among young people.  Dr J unpacks how a casual attitude toward the human body--and sexting is just one of its manifestations--sends shocks through the sexual and emotional parts of your being.
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