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Catholics Sue over Healthcare Mandate

(May 29, 2012) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss the Catholic response to the HHS mandate concerning contraception.

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The Current Legal Status of California's Prop 8

(June 5, 2012) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to give an update on the Proposition 8 federal trial proceedings...

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New Research on the Children of Same-Sex Parents

(June 12, 2012) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss that study that keeps popping up claiming "children of gay parents do just as well as children of straight parents." Early in June 2012, a couple of studies came out that asked the children of homosexual parents exactly that question. Want to hear what they said? Stay tuned...

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Fortnight for Freedom

(June 26, 2012) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss the Fortnight for Religious Liberty in the context of HHS-mandated contraception funding by Catholic organizations.

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California Bill would Allow a Child more than Two Legal Parents

(July 3, 2012) We haven't had any of Dr J's Issues, Etc interviews on here for a while, but she's still giving them as regularly as ever! In this one, she and Todd Wilken discuss parenting developments in California--the state is considering removing the two parent limit.

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Dr J @ Legatus

(June 21, 2012) Dr J speaks about her work at the Ruth Institute at a banquet hosted by Legatus, an organization of Catholic business professionals and their spouses in San Diego.

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Dr J on "Light of the East"

(June 26, 2012) Dr J is a guest of Father Thomas Loya on his radio program "Light of the East," where they're discussing different but harmonious perspectives on marriage.

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