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(June 21, 2018) This year's Acton University is in full swing! Dr J has been with the program since the beginning. This year her talks are all themed "The Sexual State;"  they highlight how various ideologies ingrained in our culture are products of and further the aims of the toxic sexual revolution. This is her second talk, entitled "The Sexual State and the Gender Ideology."

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(January 15, 2018) Dr J was invited to speak at the Altar Society at Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Lake Charles on the transgender ideology currently being promoted all over the United States--specifically in libraries, through children's books.

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(November 18, 2017) We're live at Mass Resistance's "Teens4Truth" conference at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas! Check out our podcast stream for her talk (on transgenderism), but here she's interviewing fellow family justice warrior Denise Shick on her work with Help4Families Ministry in Kentucky and her experiences growing up with a secretly transgender father.

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