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Abortion Counseling or Abortion Advertising?

(May 25, 2010) Great Britain has just permitted ads for abortion to air on its television stations, and CBS covered the story and spotlighted one such ad, which never mentions the word "abortion" but directs viewers to an 800 number they can call for "balanced advice."  Just how balanced the advice is remains to be seen, since Marie Stopes representatives described the spot as "Britain's first-ever TV commercial for abortion services."

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All the Single...Ladies?

(April 18, 2010) ABC's Good Morning America recently did a story on a dance routine performed by 8-year-olds.  The reason this one merited media attention--well, here's the video.  It has quite a few people upset--with the surprising exception of the girls' parents.

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The Ecology of the Pill

(May 13, 2010) Dr J appears on Florida-based radio show Religion, Politics, and Culture to discuss the Pill's effects on sexuality and culture in America.  When it was first introduced, the assumption was made that it would basically result in "all the current options plus one"--but its effects have been much more far-reaching and have resulted in a drastic shift in sexual norms and mores.  As always, Dr J explains...

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Out in Left Field

(May 11, 2010) President Obama's pick for the Supreme Court, Solicitor-General Elena Kagan, is proving to be a bit of a mystery--she's never sat on the judicial bench and has a limited paper trail on the controversial issues on which she'll be expected to rule.  And in a bit of local excitement, the Ruth Institute has attracted the tolerant and reasonable attention of the Daily Kos.  Dr J and Todd Wilken discuss these developments in a segment of Issues, Etc.

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The Institution Formerly Known as Marriage

(April 24, 2010) Dr J appears at Berkeley University's Worldviews Conference to speak on "The Institution Formerly Known as Marriage."

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Maggie Gallagher on Marriage

(April 6, 2010) Maggie Gallagher speaks at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, on the meaning of marriage, what it (or its absence) means for children, and why it should be preserved for both individuals and society.  She is president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy (iMAPP).

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Homosexuality at Seton Hall

(May 4, 2010) Seton Hall University, the oldest diocesan Catholic university in the country, is offering a pro-same-sex marriage course, which has raised the objections of the diocese's bishop over its opposition to the Catholic church's position on the issues.  Dr. J and Todd Wilken have more in this Issues, Etc. segment.

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50 Years on the Pill

(April 30, 2010) Time Magazine is running an article on America's 50-year relationship with the Pill.  What was it designed to do?  What has it done?  Is it really that big of a deal--doesn't it just reflect trends and changes that were occurring already?  Dr J and Todd Wilken discuss this volatile subject on Issues, Etc.

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