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Making Marriage Cool -- Standing up for Traditional Marriage
Catholic Teaching and Marriage Legalities

(September 2010) Dr J speaks to a group of Catholic educators in Sacramento on the breakdown of the family and on 4 particular issues the Catholic bishops have identified as threats to marriage.  She advocates a return to Biblical teaching on marriage as a solution to the dissolution of the family.

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Marriage Without Adjectives: Why the Church’s Position on Marriage Is Coherent and Judge Walker’s Isn’t

(September 18, 2010) Dr J speaks in Oakland at the Manhattan Forum Conference, a project of the St Anthony of Padua Institute.  She discusses the essential public purpose of marriage and four key points same-sex marriage will undermine.

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in SInC

(September 14, 2010) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss the SInC (=single income childless) phenomenon with Todd Wilken.  They're discussing how it affects the choices women make and the career paths they take.

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Rev. Don Hamer @ San Diego County Courthouse

This is a broadcast of Dr J's interview with Reverend Don Hamer (they spoke at the Prop 8 rally on the San Diego county courthouse steps), especially poignant because he passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.  Rev Hamer was a vocal supporter of Prop 8 and a leader in the Better Courts Now movement, both covered in Ruth Institute's podcasts.

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Adam Weinberg @ ITAF - Campus Activism

(August 2010) At Ruth Institute's "It Takes a Family" summer student conference, Adam Weinberg (field coordinator from the Leadership Institute) delivers his second talk on campus activism (the first one's available here).  He discusses how to organize clubs, defining goals, and effectively hosting events, speakers, and debates.

Here's a link to one version of the YouTube clip referenced in the talk.

Adam's first talk, "Spreading the Message on Campus," is available here.

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Robert Gagnon @ ITAF - Pauline Teaching

At Ruth Institute's "It Takes a Family" summer student conference, Dr. Robert Gagnon (of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) delivers his second talk--this one on the nature of homosexual unions and Paul's teachings on homosexuality.  He begins by discussing the nature of homosexual relationships, their stability, and the challenges they face (including his rebuttal of the "all-their-problems-are-the-result-of-homophobia" argument); then he discusses Pauline teaching and contemporary views on sexual sin in general and homosexuality in particular.

Dr. Gagnon's first talk, "Jesus & Sex," is available here.

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It Takes a Family to Raise a Village

(August 2010) Dr J delivers the closing lecture (also entitled "It Takes a Family to Raise a Village") at Ruth Institute's summer student conference.  She traces the roles of marriage in society and gives examples of how the devaluation of marriage has hurt women and children (particularly among the poor and those in Marxist states).

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(July 20, 2010) On the midwestern leg of NOM's Summer Marriage Tour, Ruth Institute's executive director Jamie Gruber tag-teamed with Dr J (she led off with the New England leg of the bus tour).  Here in Lima, Ohio, Jamie delivers a short talk on the challenges faced by students who stand up for traditional marriage.

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Millions Engage in Unwed Sex--Poor Suffer Most

(August 31, 2010) Dr J joins Todd Wilken on Issues, Etc. to discuss how sex outside of marriage disproportionately disadvantages the poor.  She's contributing a chapter on this subject to the book Women, Sex & the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching.

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Bill Duncan @ ITAF

(August 2010) Bill Duncan gave this talk--on marriage law--as part of "It Takes a Family," Ruth Institute's summer student conference this year in Southern California.  He traces the way United States law has treated marriage, explains how its legal views have altered over the centuries, and finally discusses the way that Judge Walker's federal Prop 8 ruling demolishes the core meaning of marriage.

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Adam Weinberg @ ITAF - Spreading the Message on Campus

(August 2010) At Ruth Institute's "It Takes a Family" summer student conference, Adam Weinberg (field coordinator from the Leadership Institute) delivered a talk entitled "Spreading the Message on Campus."  He discussed how to recruit and inform on campus and gave an overview of some of the discrimination and other obstacles conservative students face.

Adam's second talk, "Campus Activism," is available here.

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