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(January 9, 2017) Jennifer Johnson, Ruth Institute's Associate Director, is speaking with Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio. They're discussing no-fault divorce.

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(March 2016) Here's one from our files: Jennifer Johnson is a guest on Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez's podcast Cogwatch. They're discussing divorce, freedom, and family.

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(April 21, 2016) Dr J is once again Drew Mariani's guest on his show on the Relevant Radio network. They're discussing the recent study that compares outcomes of children whose parents have died with those whose parents divorced. The study was a joint project of Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Tokyo.

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(October 10, 2015) Continuing with our international theme, Jennifer Johnson is in Paris! She traveled there to be part of the International Children's Rights 2nd Annual Conference. She's speaking on the injustice of alternative family structures to the children growing up in them.

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(September 30, 2015) Jennifer Johnson is Molly Smith's guest on "From the Median" to discuss how divorce and family breakdown affect our children.

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(September 17, 2015) Jennifer Johnson, Ruth Institute's Director of Operations, appears today on Family Policy Matters Radio to speak about the harms and risks of being a child of divorce. Emotional harm and the pressure to be silent form the inadvertent basis for a new kind of taboo for children.

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(September 2, 2015) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. They're continuing their 6-part series on the sexual revolution: this one touches on divorce's impact on men and the effects of the hook-up culture, among other things.

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(August 7, 2015) Dr J is once again Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc. They're continuing their 6-part series on the sexual revolution: part 4 touches on the related themes of cohabitation and divorce. Check out our podcast stream if you're joining us in the middle of the series, and stay tuned for the rest of it.

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Divorce as a Children's Rights Issue

(October 3, 2014) Dr J travels to California's Simi Valley to participate in the International Children's Rights Institute's conference hosted by Robert Lopez--this is our podcast of her talk there, "Divorce as a Children's Rights Issue."

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling”

(March 28, 2014) Dr J is Todd Wilkin's guest on Issues, Etc., where they discussed Gwyneth Paltrow's and Chris Martin's "conscious uncoupling."

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Divorce, Stepchildren, and Caregiving

(October 22, 2013) Jennifer Thieme is a guest of Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio. Jennifer's our Finance Director here at the Ruth Institute. She is also an activist for socially conservative values, focusing on marriage and the structure of the family. She and Drew are discussing divorce's effects on children and families in light of a new study on stepparents and children--check it out. The study's abstract can be read here, and the New York Times article is here.

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Catholics & Divorce on The Drew Mariani Show"

(October 9, 2013) Dr J is a guest of Drew Mariani on his eponymous show on Relevant Radio, where they're discussing Catholics and divorce.

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Dr J & Jennifer Thieme on "Coleman at Large"

(July 31, 2013) Today Marc Coleman is interviewing Dr J and Jennifer Thieme on his radio program "Coleman at Large" across the pond in Ireland. [They're discussing divorce, cultural pressures and prevailing attitudes, and (of course) marriage. If you'd like to tell your divorce story or get connected with a supportive community on the subject, check out the newest project of the Ruth Institute:

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New Research on Cohabitation & Divorce

(March 27, 2012) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss Friday's study that "cohabitation no longer increases divorce risk." Another case of misleading headlines...

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La Crosse Conference: On Divorce

(October 10, 2011) Elizabeth Marquardt speaks at the Conference for the Priests and Deacons of La Crosse, Wisconsin on divorce, donor-conceived persons, alternate family forms, and alienation.

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Dr J on Pat Robertson and Alzheimer's disease

(September 16, 2011) Dr J appears on The Drew Mariani Show to discuss Pat Robertson's recent pronouncement that contracting Alzheimer's is grounds for divorce--because it's "a kind of death."

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Warren Farrell Interview

(June 6, 2011) Dr J hosts "From the Front Lines of the Culture War" on Catholic Radio of San Diego.  Today she's interviewing Dr Warren Farrell, author of several books, including Father and Child Reunion.  They're discussing divorce, viewed through the lens of fatherhood, and how different parenting styles can create friction in a divorce situation.  Check out for more information on the show

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"Easy" Divorce

(May 10, 2011) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc to discuss the baby boom generation's easy access and propensity to divorce--and the way it changes how we approach marriage in the first place.

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Gray Divorce

(July 28, 2010) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss "grey divorce"--couples who divorce in later life after being married for a long time (decades).  There's a lot of information out there on how to re-enter the singles scene and get on with your life, but why are these break-ups happening in the first place?

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The "Un-Divorced"

(August 3, 2010) The New York Times ran a piece on upper-middle-class married couples who have grown apart but choose to remain married for...convenience?  Tax purposes?  Inertia?  This definitely isn't an ideal, but is it a bad thing?  Dr J unpacks the idea and some of its ramifications.

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"Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Unless Everyone Else is Doing it Too"

(July 6, 2010) Is divorce contagious?  Can it matter to your marriage if your friends are getting divorced?  According to a new study by Drs Rose McDermott, James H. Fowler, and Nicholas A. Christakis, the answer is yes.  Dr J has some insights into why this is so.

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Gay Divorce

(April 20, 2010) The latest attempt to get same-sex marriage laws on the books ironically centers around the dissolution of same-sex relationships.  In the state of Texas (Texas!), where SSM initiatives were rejected by a 3-1 margin at the voting booth, this tactic has surfaced.  Dr J and Todd Wilken have more of the story...

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Divorce Rate Falling

(March 26, 2010) The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the divorce rate is falling as the recession discourages couples from setting up separate households to deal with their differences.  Since economic hardship usually nudges the divorce rate up, Dr J finds this very interesting.

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Oklahoma considers proposals to lower its divorce rate

(March 9, 2010) The state of Oklahoma wants to lower its divorce rate, and its legislature is currently considering several ways to encourage couples to stay married (some of the solutions include preparation for marriage as well).  Is this a good thing?  When is it too much?  Dr J has some insights and examples of what other states have done.

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Debunking No-Fault Divorce

(November 24, 2009) Dr J and Todd Wilken meet on Issues, Etc. to discuss no-fault divorce and its 40-year legacy in Canada and the United States.  The discussion was sparked by Dr. Anne-Marie Ambert's report on the subject, "Divorce: Facts, Causes, and Consequences."

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