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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Confronting Lies of the Sexual Revolution with Charity


Originally published June 16, 2022 by TAN Books

Republished by Ruth Institute June 28, 2022


The lies of the Sexual Revolution have run amok the last few decades. What’s hardest is confronting those lies in charity with family and friends.

In this episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, Dr. Jennifer Morse visits with Mary Harrell on The TAN Roundtable Show.

Dr. Morse recounts details of her fight on the Prop 8 campaign trail in California and the similarities that may arise after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Also joining in on this discussion are Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute, and John Clar k, a notable Catholic author.

Mr. Hichborn shares his story of interacting with someone who fell away from the Catholic faith after having had an infidelity in marriage but was later brought back by Hichborn’s resistance to him. Hichborn describes how we might share the truth in charity with our neighbors, friends and family.

It is time to confront the lies of the Sexual Revolution.

Be sure to listen to the end to hear the rest.