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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

Originally aired Feb. 24, 2022 on Fr. Rob Jack’s radio show, Driving Home the Faith

Republished March 29, 2022


In this episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, we tune in to Dr. Morse’ interview on Fr. Rob Jack’s radio show, Driving Home the Faith.

Here Dr. Morse speaks on the Catholic Church’s teaching on Traditional Christian Sexual Ethics and how it is sorely needed in these times.

Luxembourg Cardinal, Jean-Claude Hollerich, recently announced, “The sociological-scientific foundation of [Catholic] teaching [on homosexuality] is no longer correct.”

Dr. Morse asks what science is he following.

Promoters of LGBT lifestyle often act as if science has proven their worldview, but when pressed to divulge the scientific proof they can’t prove any of their talking points. If you examine every one of their implied claims, every one of them is refuted by science.

Dr. Morse also examines the historical battle for truth. The menacing attacks from the elites in power against the faithful truth speakers of the day is not anything new. She highlights the episode of St. John Chrysostom boldly calling out the empress’ lavish lifestyle.

Discussed is the fact that many Catholic dissidents seek approval for dissension from the Jesuits. Presented is the famous case of the Jesuits of Boston College meeting with the presidential Kennedy family and advising them on how to promote contraception and abortion and still be Catholic.

“When the Catholic Church is true to Her mission and divine origin, She has the potential to lead the culture” explains Dr. Morse.

Dr. Morse gives the laity an insight into what they can do while the hierarchy of the Church is wavering on the tough issues. What we have to do as laypeople is make the Church’s teaching as clear as possible.

The same people who leave the Church because of problems with the teaching on sexual issues can become the ones who come back to the Church because of problems they are experiencing in life because of disobedience regarding these same issues. Dr. Morse describes herself as being one such person.