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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Jun 14, 2022

Transgender Teenagers: Big Pharma’s Cash Cow


Originally published Feb. 28, 2022 by the Catholic Connection.

Republished by Ruth Institute June 14, 2022.


In this episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, Dr. Jennifer Morse visits with Fr. Robert McTeigue, SJ, on his show, The Catholic Connection.

They discuss the meaning of the human body, gender, and the Sexual Revolution, whether therapy for the same-sex attracted is helpful or harmful, and the absurdity of those who say “follow the science.” The recurring person that comes to mind is the transgender teenager.

Dr. Morse describes feminism as the birth of the LGBT movement because it made sex of the body too insignificant.

She explains why we shouldn’t use the term “conversion therapy” and why pharmaceutical companies push transgenderism to teenagers. Short answer: because transgender teenagers will be lifetime buyers of hormone supplements.

Be sure to listen to the end to hear Dr. Morse’ advice to parents of gender-confused teenagers.