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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Sep 24, 2009

(September 15, 2009) Kai Feldblum is President Obama's pick to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Her views are making waves in the religious community because she has no tolerance for any objections to same-sex marriage, even in a religious and private context.  Dr J and Todd Wilken meet to discuss...

Sep 10, 2009

(September 8, 2009) What makes a parent...well, a parent?  Historically, the couple who conceived and gave birth to you were recognized as your father and your mother.  However, the present-day definition is much more elastic.  Adults who have no biological or adoptive relation are being granted parental rights over...

Sep 5, 2009

(September 1, 2009) Vermont becomes the 4th state to legalize homosexual marriage.  Dr J and Todd Wilken discuss how it happened, the next target(s) of the homosexual lobby, and why it's so important for supporters of traditional marriage to respond.

Sep 4, 2009

(August 25, 2009) Ignorance = Informed Consent?  Dr J sheds some light on this troubling trend, the groups behind it, and how mothers and children are losing out.

Sep 3, 2009

(August 19, 2009) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss the Obama Justice Department's impending defense of DoMA.  She also shines some light on the strategies of the homosexual movement as they attempt to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.