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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Sep 29, 2010

(September 2010) Dr J speaks to a group of Catholic educators in Sacramento on the breakdown of the family and on 4 particular issues the Catholic bishops have identified as threats to marriage.  She advocates a return to Biblical teaching on marriage as a solution to the dissolution of the family.

Sep 28, 2010

(September 18, 2010) Dr J speaks in Oakland at the Manhattan Forum Conference, a project of the St Anthony of Padua Institute.  She discusses the essential public purpose of marriage and four key points same-sex marriage will undermine.

Sep 21, 2010

(September 14, 2010) Dr J appears on Issues, Etc to discuss the SInC (=single income childless) phenomenon with Todd Wilken.  They're discussing how it affects the choices women make and the career paths they take.

Sep 13, 2010

This is a broadcast of Dr J's interview with Reverend Don Hamer (they spoke at the Prop 8 rally on the San Diego county courthouse steps), especially poignant because he passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.  Rev Hamer was a vocal supporter of Prop 8 and a leader in the Better Courts Now movement, both covered in...

Sep 9, 2010

(August 2010) At Ruth Institute's "It Takes a Family" summer student conference, Adam Weinberg (field coordinator from the Leadership Institute) delivers his second talk on campus activism (the first one's available here).  He discusses how to organize clubs, defining goals, and effectively hosting events, speakers,...