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The Ruth Institute Podcast

Mar 2, 2022

Originally aired January 17, 2022

Republished March 2, 2022 by Ruth Institute with permission

In this episode of the Ruth Institute Podcast, we listen to a dear associate of the Ruth Institute, Faith Hakesley.

Faith Hakesley offers healing for victims of sexual abuse with her powerful book “Glimmers of Grace: Moments of Peace and Healing Following Sexual Abuse

Faith, a survivor of sexual abuse, speaks on Ladies of Another View on BEK TV.

Faith shares her tragic story of dealing with being sexually abused at the hands of a newly ordained priest. She relates the pain and suffering she experienced and the effects it had on her relationships with family and friends. Faith also describes how the tragic early death of her brother led to her finally telling her parents the truth.

Perhaps the most important part of this interview is the advice Faith offers to those who have been abused and to those who are helping abuse victims.

You will want to listen to hear the full details.